Fostoria officials say water is safe to drink, despite smell

Fostoria officials say water is safe to drink, despite smell

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - Residents in Fostoria have been complaining about their tap water having an unpleasant odor and taste.

Officials say a non-toxic algae has grown at the Fostoria City number six reservoir, which has affected the taste of the tap water, but they say the water is safe to drink.

Ron Fauls, the superintendent of the Fostoria Water Treatment plant, says non toxic algae grew over the dry Summer, combined with the recent, sudden temperature d rop which causes the water in the reservoirs to turnover and stirs up sediment.

Because of that, this week the treatment plant intake has been inundated with material and now the tap water taste has a rotten egg smell.

The plant has been treating the reservoir with Copper Sulfate to kill algae, and the treated water with Powdered Activated Carbon and Potassium Permanganate to fight the funky taste, but there are only so many chemicals the city can use.

Fauls believes it could be a while until the tap water goes back to normal.

"Well, we're thinking a few weeks to a month. Usually it has to do with the water temperature going down and Fall rains." said Fauls.

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