Whitehouse police dept. reach out to community to find new officers

Whitehouse police dept. reach out to community to find new officers

WHITEHOUSE, OH (WTOL) - One of our rural police departments is in need right now for men and woman wanting a career behind the badge. As the Village of Whitehouse continues to grow, that means their police departments need to grow was well; and to get more cruisers out on the road, they're hiring.

"We needed to replenish our workforce here at the police department," said Chief Mark McDonough, Whitehouse Police Department. "This is the first job fair we've had where we've reached out to the community to see what's in the local job force in regards to law enforcement and who's interested in coming to Whitehouse."

The chief says they're looking to fill nine part-time positions. He says the areas growth is another key reason to building a strong team.

"In the four and a half years that I've been here, I've noticed our calls for service have gone up," said Chief McDonough. "We are handling a lot more and we are investigating a lot more."

The presence of more officers will work in two ways; it will build better relationships with the community and act as a deterrent from crime.

"Everybody wants the community on their side," said Travis Pennington, potential applicant. "In Police work you're constantly dealing with the community and the people involved in it. So to have them on your side and be next to you and help out with various things and you help out with them - it definitely makes things go a lot smoother."

With more than 20 years of experience, the chief said he's using social media to find applicants, which he admits isn't easy because according to him this is the first time he's seen fewer people going into law enforcement.

"It's seems like to be nationwide that people, that there's just not that many people who enter into the law enforcement profession," said Chief McDonough.

The chief said even if you haven't graduated the academy yet, you can still come down and fill out an application.

Interested applicants should call the Whitehouse Police Department.
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