New 'tiny' homes sweep the nation, including here in Toledo

New 'tiny' homes sweep the nation, including here in Toledo
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There's a tiny movement sweeping the nation right now, where adult-size humans are ridding themselves of all of their "stuff" and living the small life.

One Toledo woman shares her 240 square foot paradise with WTOL.

With a lofted bedroom and bathroom which was originally built in Minnesota, it now sits quietly on Central Ave.

Frankie used to live in a normal house in Michigan, but decided she wanted a little change.

"After looking at paying real estate taxes, electric bills and water bills and living on a lake and just all of the expenses associated with it and saying, how much space do I really need?" said Frankie.

The fire department also got an invite to tour the mini mansion, to look for any possible short comings.

"I've never seen a conversation even involve one of these. So this is definitely a new topic in Toledo. If anyone ever has a fire or smells smoke in this place get out and call 911 let us investigate and get on the scene as soon as possible, said Timothy Clapp, Battalion Chief.

Frankie does not live in the house yet, due to some building and zoning regulations that need to be worked out. She hopes in the near future she can make her tiny house a tiny home.

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