Toledo police, fire chiefs continue to urge residents to vote 'Yes' on Issue 2

Toledo police, fire chiefs continue to urge residents to vote 'Yes' on Issue 2

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Residents could see a drop in the response time of Toledo police and fire crews if the levy does not pass.

Voting 'Yes' on Issue 2 would renew the City of Toledo's three-quarter percent income tax, allowing the Toledo police and fire departments to continue operating as usual.

If residents vote 'No' on the levy, more than 200 firefighters and 200 police officers would be laid off.

"If it doesn't pass, my first priority as a police chief is to make sure a police car show up to their house in a timely fashion," said Chief George Kral.

Crime scene investigators would vanish, and a uniformed crew would be the only one to respond to a homicide, with one officer taking a report and moving on to the next call for help.

"You don't take $56 million out of a budget and not expect something negative to happen. I am confident the citizens of the city understand and want to continue to receive the same services they have been for the past 50 years," said Chief Kral.

It's a reality both Police Chief George Kral and Fire Chief Luis Santiago were forced to plan for, but both leaders remain positive residents will vote in favor to continuing paying a tax they have paid for decades.

"The momentum we have in Toledo is really a good thing right now and it would be a shame to have that get totally derailed by something like this," said Chief Santiago.

Back in March voters overwhelmingly turned down an increase in the income tax, which has many on our safety forces nervous, because if it doesn't pass this time around, it will create a hole of more than $50 million in the city's budget.

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