Innovative CPR device says lives of sudden cardiac arrest patient

Innovative CPR device says lives of sudden cardiac arrest patient

(WTOL) - One family in Springfield Township is feeling relieved, thanks to the quick response and innovative technology of the Lucas County EMS and Springfield Department.

Some first responders were able to see the patient who they used this equipment.

"This new device that pulls blood in then pushes it out and did the compressions so that they could work on me and help me," said Bradley McDougle, sudden cardiac arrest patient. "That's why I'm standing here."

"It is a plunger," said Lt. Andrew Sauder, Springfield first responder who cared for Mr. McDougle. "that's actually how it all began was from a patient who was saved with a toilet plunger by the inventor Dr. Keith Lowry."

The first responders who used with the ResQCPR System to save Bradley McDougle's life that September morning a year ago, made certain that he would see his four children grown into adults.

"They knew what they were doing," said Matthew McDougle, Son of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Patient. "They got here. They got him out. Without them and without my mom, he wouldn't be here. He's the big piece in our family, and without him, we wouldn't be here."

"It's just amazing to see them," said Tammy McDougle, wife of patient. "They're the reason he's here," said Tammy McDougle, wife of sudden cardiac arrest patient who started CPR.

Springfield Fire Department says a day like today is why they do what they do.

"It's just fantastic," said Chief Barry Cousino, Springfield Fire Department. "He was able to survive and that he was willing to step forward and recognize the people who were there and saved his life.

"It's the epitome of why we're here has a first responder," said Lt. Andrew Sauder. "The smile is completely true and genuine on my face. That's what it's all about. That's why we're here. That's why people pay their tax dollars. What better gift could I give his wife and his kids."

The ResQCPR System has been issued to 70 first responder units in Lucas County since being implemented in 2015.

Bradley McDougle was the first patient to benefit from this life-saving device.

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