Students register vote at Monroe High School for Voter Registration Day

Students register vote at Monroe High School for Voter Registration Day

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - Monroe High Schools celebrated National Voter Registration Day by allowing students to register to vote during lunch.

A booth set up in the cafeteria at Monroe High School gave students who will be 18 by election day the opportunity to register to vote.

Representatives from both the city and township of Monroe were helping students register.

Bob Schnurr, clerk for Monroe Township, says some students don't realize they have to register to vote before they show up to the polls.

"We try to really get the word out, especially this year with the presidential election, it's a big one, these kid's votes are going to count," Schnurr said. "So, they need to get out there and do it."

Harrison Carter is a senior at Monroe High School who will turn 18 just in time for election day.

He says he participated in mock elections in elementary school when President Obama was first elected. And now, he's excited to finally be able to make his vote count.

"I've been following it very closely, trying to figure out which candidate is the best fit for myself," Carter said. "Even if it's not the front runners for the Republican or Democratic party, even if it's Libertarian or Green Party, I am still keeping my options open."

These students, along with anyone else who wants to register have until October 11.

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