Former President Bill Clinton praises wife's debate performance at Toledo rally

Former President Bill Clinton praises wife's debate performance at Toledo rally

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A big crowd packed into Waite High School Tuesday afternoon to see former President Bill Clinton. There was no official count, but there were people on the floor and sitting up on the second floor overhang.

During his half hour speech, Mr. Clinton seemed to focus on Monday night's showdown debate between his wife and Donald Trump.

Minutes before former President Clinton arrived, State Representative Teresa Fedor fired up the crowd.

She is clearly not a Donald Trump fan and said, "And boy I know about bullies and the teachers know about bullies. 18 years in my classroom. He's a bully. He intimidates. He puffs himself up. I think that's why his hair is always like, you know!"

The crowd cheered and laughed. Moments later, and 42 days before the election, the 42nd President walked up on stage. He repeatedly praised his wife's debate performance against Trump.

"One offers resentment. And he's good at rubbing salt in people's wounds. Really good at it. The other offers empowerment so you can get rid of your resentment," said Mr. Clinton.

With students and teachers watching above, the former President said Hillary believes in Black Lives Matter and Police Lives Matter, and said she can bring the country together.

"She has spent her entire life trying to give children a better future. Trying to strengthen families, trying to give working people rising incomes and better opportunities and more hope," said Mr. Clinton.

Parts of his speech were tailored to the local audience.

"Ohio is really important because look at this crowd! I mean, and I can't leave Toledo without saying there's only one person who you can vote for who supported the effort to save the automobile industry, which is really important," said Mr. Clinton.

After the address, he stayed for pictures and autographs to an appreciative crowd, like Rhonda Niles of Adrian, Michigan.

"Very charismatic. I've seen him a lot on TV but it meant so much more to see him in person," said Niles.

Bill Clinton hinted at a future Hillary visit. He said Hillary, himself, and daughter Chelsea have been to Ohio and will be back.
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