Toledo watch parties, supporters weigh in debate

Toledo watch parties, supporters weigh in debate

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were glued to Monday's debate from watch parties in downtown Toledo.

Trump supporters were at the Lucas County Republican headquarters and Clinton supporters were at The Attic on Adams. 

Jon Stainbrook, Lucas County Republican Party, and Josh Hughes, Lucas County Democratic Party, both say their candidate held his/her own tonight.

The first question of Monday's debate asked about jobs and the economy.

Clinton focused on what she says is needed to build an economy for everyone, through things like raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women and paid family leave. She criticized Trump for what she calls 'Trumped up trickle down' economics, saying focusing on the wealthy does not help everyone.

Trump focused on the jobs that are leaving the U.S, including in Ohio. Trump said he'd stop this by taxing the companies who want to sell back to the United States. He also said trade policies, like NAFTA, need to be fixed.

Here are supporters for both candidates on this issue:

"She was trying to jab at trickle-down economics, but people who, who run the corporations, they get a break on this,"said Stainbrook. "Then they usually - that trickles down to the workers and they spend more money. If the, if the richest people aren't making money, then they don't spend money then it does affects all of us."

"Secretary Clinton pointed out 'Trumped up trickle down' economics, as she referred to Mr. Trump's plan, isn't going to work," said Hughes. "It's never worked before, and it won't work now. She has a concrete plan to address the issue that Mr. Trump didn't have an answer for."

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