University of Toledo political science previews tonight's debate

University of Toledo political science previews tonight's debate

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In the latest Bloomberg poll, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual tie. While records numbers are expected to tune into Monday night's debate, some political scientists believe the debate will probably not live up to the hype.

Sam Nelson, the political science chair at the University of Toledo, He expects the debate to not be as exciting as some might think.

"I think that throwing a lot of punches, lots of zingers, those kinds of things, that's high risk debating," Nelson said.

Nelson believes Clinton will likely stick to a more conventional style of debate and talk more about the her platform. However, he said Trump comes into Monday night's debate with something to prove to voters.

"Trump needs to do a lot more than look Presidential," Nelson said. "He needs to actually show that he knows policy, that he knows what he's talking about, and that he can tell the truth."

One local undecided voter, Tyler Kinch, is facing the same challenge as many voters across the country. He says he does not believe the debate will help him make up his mind.

"I really kinda just want to see some sincerity and see that the candidate are actually looking for our best interest," Kinich said.

Sam Nelson says undecided voters like Kinch are in the minority, and most Americans have already made up their minds.

"There can be a debate bounce, but it's not usually real or permanent," Nelson said. "If we see a shift in the polls after today ... that's probably a sign that's where the election was going anyway."

You can watch the debate on WTOL 11 or FOX 36 at 9:00 p.m.

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