Woodmore students make homecoming about more than just football, kings/queens

Woodmore students make homecoming about more than just football, kings/queens

ELMORE, OH (WTOL) - Homecoming is all about crowning a king and queen, and, of course, playing some football.

But Woodmore High School is doing something different this year, by drawing attention to different causes that are important to each class.

"We got to vote on what we wanted for the homecoming theme to be, and the students chose to do this because we want to recognize everyone in our community," said Liz Koenig. "It's not just about ourselves this year, but everyone around us."

ALS. Autism. Diabetes. Cancer.

Those four causes were chosen to highlight the homecoming floats for each class, as they affect freshman through senior students, and those in the bleachers.

The senior class chose cancer.

"I think it was in part in memory of my mom," said Liz. Toledo's Race for the Cure this weekend is named in memory of Liz's mom, Pam.

But Liz says the senior class is drawing attention to all cancers.

"So many people have been affected, not just in my grade, but everywhere," said Liz. "And every class had their own story for why they chose theirs, but I think mine just really spoke to me."

"We've had a number of people in the community affected by different ailments, different diseases, and I think that the kids, when they see that going on, they're very cognizant of it and we have a lot of really good kids," said Andrew Hemminger, Woodmore's counselor.

Hemminger says in addition to publicly bringing attention to these issues, the homecoming theme is also teaching the students.

"That might not know exactly what ALS is, or may not know what autism is, or how many people it affects, or how many people cancer takes from us each year, so I think it's been a good give and take," said Hemminger.

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