Lucas Co. Sheriff's Office uses running man challenge to make important statement

Lucas Co. Sheriff's Office uses running man challenge to make important statement

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Local law enforcement agencies have been fighting relentlessly to get heroin and opioid addiction off our streets, and now, they want to try and reach you on a different level.

The Running Man Challenge has taken the internet by storm. Communities across the country are jumping on board to get involved in this dance.

In Toledo, some officials are taking this dance to the next step.

"We got involved with the Running Man Challenge," said Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp. "We thought it was a good way to put emphasis on the heroin epidemic and fighting the heroin epidemic as part of our goals and objectives."

Their theme is knocking out heroin in Northwest Ohio. They have two goals for the video: "To strengthen the linkage between the community and also to get the word out and information to the community about the heroin epidemic," said Tharp.

WTOL 11's Malena Caruso stopped over to the Lucas County Jail where the Sheriff's office was taping the challenge.

"This is one of the first ones that's coupled the challenge with a great cause, which is the DART program that reduces the opioid situation we have here in Lucas County," said Lt. Gary Johnson. "We've had so many people that jumped on board for this cause and to be able to couple it with a challenge that we can give to another department, I think is great."

Sheriff Tharp emphasizes creating a strong connection with the community is key in getting ahead of the growing heroin problem. Having a little fun in doing so is a bonus.

"The closer we can get to the community, the better the relationships are going to be," said Tharp.

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office still has about a month left of filming and editing, but when the final video comes out we will be sure to post it to our website.

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