Author explains why OH is a battleground state during event Thursday

Author explains why OH is a battleground state during event Thursday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - How many times during the presidential race have you heard the talking heads on TV refer to Ohio as a battleground or bellwether state and wondered why? Kyle Kondik has the answer.

Kondik is the author of 'The Bellwether: Why Ohio picks the President.'

Mr. Kondik presented his theory Thursday night at a special event sponsored by the Toledo Lucas County Public Library and Toledo Museum of Art.

He believes Ohio is a good melting pot. Since 1896, Ohio has failed to favor the next president only twice.

"Demographically, the state has always been a decent reflection of the nation. We also have a good mix of urban, suburban and rural. We have big cities. Those cities don't dominate the vote," said Kondik.

In this election, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has already visited Toledo twice.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has not and Mr. Kondik thinks that's a big mistake.

"I think that a Clinton visit to Toledo or Northwest Ohio would make sense given the importance of Toledo and Lucas County in order for the math to work statewide for Democrats," said Kondik.

He's making a prediction about Ohio's remarkable record as a predictor of presidential results.

"Trump should run ahead of his performance nationally in Ohio. In the event of a close national election, maybe Trump gets over the finish line in Ohio but not nationally. Ohio may not be the bellwether state this year or maybe it will be," said Kondik.

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