Popsicle art helps retiree remember the past

Popsicle art helps retiree remember the past

McCOMB, OH (WTOL) - A 91-year-old retiree in the Findlay area has picked up an interesting hobby to keep himself busy, and he's using his artistry to hold on to some of his most cherished memories.

"I was drafted right out of my senior year of high school." said David White in his Primrose retirement community apartment in Findlay.

David served two years in World War II as an aircraft carrier fireman, and then aboard a blimp over the Atlantic during the Korean Conflict searching for enemy submarines.

After his service, David attended the Ohio State University, and then moved to McComb where he taught Vocational Agriculture began his hobby of popsicle carpentry.

"This type of construction has always been my hobby after teaching workshop at school." said White.

His pride and joy is a popsicle replica of his McComb home that he lived in for 42 years, including the barn. The popsicle sticks were mailed to him by his son.

Over the week-long construction period, David said each feature of the house reminded him of years gone by.

"I had a lot of nice memories there, we had five lovely kids there," said White.

His favorite feature of the house is the back porch that he built on the real house and then again in popsicle form.

David says he wasn't looking for notoriety when he began the construction.

"I thought I was doing it for my own personal hobby," said White.

David also displays paintings in his apartment as well. He says he hopes everyone with a passion for their own hobbies are inspired by his story.

"Well, I guess whatever interest they possess, I guess. Because it's just a hobby of mine. And if they can capitalize on it, well, that's good enough for me," said White.

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