Ciboros choose to represent themselves in trial

Ciboros choose to represent themselves in trial

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Timothy and Esten Ciboro both say they want to represent themselves in court during a hearing Thursday in Toledo.

Both father and son separately faced a judge today, and both asked to waive their right to an attorney.

Judge Linda Jennings asked several questions to each man, reiterating the seriousness of their charges.

"I want to represent myself," Esten, the younger Ciboro, said. "I will rely on God to help me try this case."

They each have a constitutional right to represent themselves. However, Judge Jennings must first determine if they are capable of representing themselves.

Timothy became frustrating during some of the questioning saying, "Then send me to the University of Toledo law school for six years and then I can come back and be able to answer your questions"

Prosecutor Frank Spryszac says the Ciboros representing themselves will change how the trial plays out. Despite this, he says it is still a tricky case for him to present in front of a jury.

The trial was scheduled to begin Monday.

However, the case cannot move forward until Judge Jennings makes a final ruling on whether or not the Ciboros are capable of defending themselves in court. Jennings rescheduled the trial to give both sides more time to prepare.

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