Don't Waste Your Money: Strong iPhone passcode popup confuses users

Don't Waste Your Money: Apple's password pop up

(WTOL) - Millions of people are upgrading the iPhones to Apple's new iOS 10, but some are seeing a strange pop up message when they log onto their phones.

Will Klosterman was just one Apple user who say a message on his phone saying, "Passcode Requirement: you must change your iPhone unlock passcode at this time."

He thought he had been hacked or downloaded malware, so he took a trip to the Verizon store to talk to someone about the message.

"She came over and told me it came from Apple. So I proceeded to change my password," Klosterman said, thinking the ordeal was over.

A few days later, the phone again asked for Klosterman to change his password.

Tech sites like Business Insider believe the popup messages are a part of Apple's new security features.

This feature will urge users to change the password if it is too simple or common.

It will also kick in if you use apps that require longer passwords, such as Facebook.

One was to avoid this popup is to clear out your internet history and cookies.

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