Washington Local Schools move forward after last year’s test scores, former Superintendent scandal

Washington Local Schools move forward after last year’s test scores, former Superintendent scandal
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Ohio schools took a new version of the state standardized test. Schools in our area had average or below average grades, while one school had more changes going on than just the tests.

Washington Local Schools is refocusing people's attention away from the changes in the superintendent position and back to the students' achievement.

The scores they earned on last years standardized tests do not reflect the quality of the staff or the abilities of their students, that's what school board members said at a meeting Wednesday.

The new superintendent said now is the time to move forward, focusing on the next set of tests this spring.

"Our job is to make every decision based on what's best for children," said Susan Hayward, Washington Local Superintendent. "That's my goal. That's our goal as a district - to continually each and every day focus on what do we need to do to support children."

Hayward stepped into the superintendent position earlier this year. She replaced former superintendent Patrick Hickey who was removed after allegations of sexual misconduct.

The state report card released last week showed these concerns:

  • Graduation rate: C
  • Progress from previous school year's testing: D
  • Number of students who passed the state test and how well they performed: D
  • Closing the gap for the vulnerable students in math, English and graduation: F

Hayward worked quickly to start finding ways to help the students improve for this years tests, inviting teachers and staff to a report card forum.

"I really wanted to hear what did the staff have to say about how we could collaborate to move forward," said Hayward.

One suggestion given was linking school and home.

"Can we have parent nights and bring in our parents to take the tests? To look at the type of test questions, so that they can support their students at home?" said Hayward.

As for the tests students will take in the Spring - School officials are aiming for a C or better.

"That's our march and that's our goal," said Hayward. "We are going to try our best to make sure our students are successful."

To see the full report from the Ohio Department of Education, click here.

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