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UTMC, Susan G. Komen work together to educate men on risks of breast cancer

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Race for the cure is just days away, which means a lot of focus has been on women’s health, but the University of Toledo Medical Center along with Susan G. Komen are working together to educate men on their risks of developing breast cancer.

“For every 100 cases of female breast cancer, there is one in men. So even now it’s not that common, but it does happen,” said Dr. Iman Mohamed, Professor of Medicine at UTMC.

Susan G. Komen has been serving men along with woman since the organization's inception. 

According to Komen's mission manager, men are able to be screened using the exact same processes as women. However, men are rarely screened. 

Another effective way for men to find out if they're at risk is a blood test looking for a specific gene mutation, but there are multiple costs.

“Very few of us are crazy enough to want to know what diseases we are likely to develop, because that’s scary. Even though it’s possible, it costs about $400 for any of us to give a blood sample and know exactly which gene we carry,” said Dr. Mohamed.

She says that these mutations may be carried by male family members.

The groups’ findings will be on full display this weekend, as thousands prepare to hit the streets for Race for the Cure.

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