Bowling Green City Schools continue talks of implementing student drug testing

Bowling Green City Schools continue talks of implementing student drug testing

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The discussion of random drug testing inside Bowling Green City Schools is heating up. Tuesday, a representative from a drug testing agency discussed what those tests would be like if given to students.

There are still many questions when it comes to implementing drug testing in schools, and Francis Scruci of Bowling Green City Schools says leaders are taking this process slowly to leave no questions unanswered.

The district is one of the only schools in the area without one of these programs. The random drugs tests would be required for students participating in extra-circular activities.

However, parents of any students can decide if they want their child's name entered into the pool of children tested or not, if they fill out the proper paperwork.

Board members discussed details of what kind of tests, how many, and when they would be used as they look to move forward in this process.

"We wanted to give the board an opportunity to hear from the back end, what that would look like in terms of how many kids are tested, what kind of tests are done, how much is it going to cost, those kind of things so that we can actually start that conversation," said Scruci.

He says, the next step for the district is to hear opinions from local parents.

Scruci emphasizes this is not a "got-cha" program, but that the board really wants to help troubled students.

If you are interested in hearing more as plans progress, the next school board meeting for the district is set to take place on Oct. 18.

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