UT student speaks after man charged with her burning sentenced to 4 months at CCNO

UT student speaks after man charged with her burning sentenced to 4 months at CCNO

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The man charged with burning a University of Toledo athlete at an off campus house party was sentenced to four months at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio Wednesday.

Christopher Housel took a plea deal in the case back in July, throwing out the felony charges of aggravated arson. Housel admitted to throwing alcohol on an open flame, severely burning Janelle Noe at a party back in January.

On Wednesday, Housel was sentenced to four months at CCNO, two months of electronic monitoring, 800 hours of community service - half will be spent at a burn unit, and the other half will be spent talking with youth about the effects of drinking.

Housel will also spend four years on probation.

His victim, Janelle Noe, spoke with the media for the first time after the sentencing.

"I'm just glad that this has finally been resolved and I'm happy with what he's gotten and that he'll have to serve community service in a burn unit and see what I had to go through while I was there," said Noe.

Judge Linda Jennings had some harsh words for Housel.

"Your actions go beyond stupidity. They go beyond carelessness. They were inexcusable and extremely dangerous that resulted in tragedy," said Jennings.

She went on to say she did not believe Housel was genuinely remorseful, though he did offer an apology in the courtroom.

"If I would have thought it was a possibility of anyone getting hurt besides myself, I don't believe I would have been acting like an idiot," said Housel.

He was cuffed and taken into custody. His attorney, Gerome Phillips, says he believes the punishment is fair.

"I can't argue with it, considering what the victim has gone through. I would have liked to see more community service and less jail time, because it's not gonna do anybody any good other than pure punishment. But the judge thought that was appropriate and you can't argue with it," said Phillips.

As for Janelle, she says she hopes he will learn his lesson.

"I'll always have reminders of it and I'm just hoping with time, I'll be able to move forward and try to make the best out of it, but it's gonna be hard," said Noe.

After months of recovering, Janelle says she is taking classes again at the University of Toledo and although it has been difficult, she has run in two races with the cross country team.

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