North Toledo neighbors say drugs and prostitution have taken over

North Toledo neighbors say drugs and prostitution have taken over

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Residents of a north Toledo neighborhood say drug dealers and prostitutes are taking over the area.

In fact, a block watch leader has even tweeted about the alleged problem.

Block watch leader Alfonso Narvaez says he'll keep re-tweeting that tweet until the problem is resolved, calling on Toledo police to step it up.

"We're talking eight or nine months of just constant activity," said Narvaez.

He says he's seen what he calls 'half-naked' girls pacing sidewalks and even getting into semi-trucks.

"We got a school right down the street, so it's disturbing," said Narvaez.

Officer Hassane Cheaib, TPD community resource officer, says the Toledo Police Department is aware of these complaints, and is investigating. He says when people let him know what's going on in their neighborhood, he keeps an eye out for those issues when he's on patrol.

That's why it's important for neighbors to attend block watch meetings and report things to police.

"We want people to continue to report this so we can put a spotlight on it," said Narvaez.

While Narvaez is encouraging neighbors on his end, he wants the police to fix the problem on their end.

"I've gotten more than several complaints from residents that they want something resolved now," said Narvaez. "This is an ongoing problem, and some of the residents feel that it's not going to go away and they just want something resolved."

Officer Cheaib says these crimes can cycle - you get rid of the crime, but it comes back.

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