Head coach, players from Adrian College hockey team suspended by NCAA

Head coach, players from Adrian College hockey team suspended by NCAA
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

ADRIAN, MI (WTOL) - Adrian College's hockey team is finally learning their punishment stemming from a fight that happened during a Division three NCAA tournament back in March.

The head coach, along with three players were suspended from the NCAA Tuesday morning for their unsportsmanlike conduct.

Adrian College officials attempted to appeal the NCAA's ruling this summer, however, the Division Three Championships Committee announced they will be upholding the ruling.

A number of consequences were handed down including four suspensions and two public reprimands, as a result of the fighting and misbehavior towards officials.

Michael Duffy, athletic director at Adrian College, says he is ready to fully cooperate with the NCAA's punishments.

he says he knows things can get heated, but athletes and coaches must keep themselves in check at all times.

"You know our kids are competitive, sometimes the competitive nature gets to them. It's like everybody. We constantly talk to our athletes, our coaches, 'hey, put it in perspective,'" said Duffy.

Moving forward, Duffy says, these matters will also be addressed internally, while still making sure the athletes keep up their drive to win.

"You know we want them to win, that's the best experience of any college or any athlete is to win. So, just put it in perspective and do the best we can and try to keep our emotions in check," said Duffy.

Two of the suspensions will be served at the beginning of the regular season, while one of the players and coach will have to wait until the NCAA tournament for their punishment.
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