Firefighters to be recognized for saving teen from fire that killed his stepbrother

Firefighters to be recognized for saving teen from fire that killed his stepbrother
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Five Toledo firefighters will be honored for saving the life of a teenage boy from a fire that killed his step brother. The firefighters will receive the Ohio Fire Service Valor Award.

The award comes after an East Toledo Fire back in May of 2015. The crew being honored rescued Michael Rheinbolt from a second floor bedroom and also recovered his step brother Joseph Fazenbaker's body.

It was an emotional call, but Gary Quinn says all the firefighters from four different firehouses and other emergency crews at the scene were responsible for the rescue; he was just assigned to enter the home.

"We all were there, we all played a role. The life squad and the paramedics that were there and in the emergency room. It's a chain of survival, we located him and passed him down to engine seven in the living room. They got him out to the life squad and the hospital did its part. It's not just one role, but the care throughout was top notch and that is what led to Michaels recovery and strength and perseverance as well.

Quinn says the greatest reward through the rescue – even greater than the reward, was keeping in touch with Michael Rheinbolt. He visited the firefighters who have saved his life and kept them up to date on his recovery.

The firefighters say they usually respond to calls and never know what happens to the people they save.

They also say they don't deserve the award or even the recognition because they were just doing what they all took an oath to do when joining the department.

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