UAW responses to Gov. Pence's comments on auto industry bailout

WTOL interviews Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A day ahead of Donald Trump's visit to Toledo, local auto workers are criticizing the Trump/Pence campaign after comments made to WTOL 11 last week.

"So you did not support the bailout?" asked Jerry Anderson.

"You bet. I was part of a cadre that thought it would have been possible to do in that industry what we've done in other industries, which is go through a reorganization bankruptcy," said Pence.

Local auto leaders and workers say that those comments downplay the positive effects of the bailout, especially the ones seen right here in our local economy.

"It's been a huge success. So our thinking is Trump wants all this attention in Toledo now, but we don't really need him to pay attention to us now that we've survived something he was against," said Bruce Baumhower, UAW Local 12 President.

The group says Trump has a dangerous approach to the economy, which would negatively affect us here in Lucas County.

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