Leaders discuss next steps after failing to file levy for the Olander Park System

Leaders discuss next steps after failing to file levy for the Olander Park System

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Big changes could be coming soon for the Olander Park System. This after park leaders discovered they will be losing more than 75 percent of their budget, all because they didn't get a levy placed on the ballot.

Erica Buri, director of the Olander Park System, took responsibility at a Monday meeting for failure to file the proper paperwork. The previous five year levy expires on Dec. 31.

The levy committee had been meeting for months prior, discussing what they thought would be a new levy providing the parks with more funding. Deadline for filing paperwork with the board of elections was August 10.

Park officials did not realize the documents were not filed until they called to get an issue number that didn't exist.

Dave Spiess, who is on the levy committee says he first heard of the mistake last week.

"It's disappointing, but at the same time I give credit to the board and Erica and her staff for beginning to pick up the pieces. It's certainly going to impact the level of services, not only for the Olander Park here, but their other three or four parks that are a part of their system," said Spiess.

This means the Olander Park System will be missing at least two- thirds of their funding until 2018.

Leaders say they will have to cut up to $300,000 from their budget.

Closing the parks one day a week and reducing operating hours were discussed as possibilities.

Neither the Director or the Commissioners were willing to talk on camera about the issue.

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