City Council continues talks about possible downtown open container district

City Council continues talks about possible downtown open container district

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo City Council continue discussions about a second open-container district for the city, specifically in downtown Toledo. The city already has an open container district in uptown, but the second open-container district would be on specific streets, including around Fifth Third Field.

Downtown could see an increase in foot traffic between bars and restaurants in the warehouse and arena districts.

One downtown bar owner says adding this open container district could put Toledo on the map as a go-to place for entertainment and urban living.

"I envision that people can get a glass of wine and come back out, in a plastic cup of course, but be able to walk down and enjoy the rest of the outdoor event," said Jim Mettler, owner of the Cock n' Bull. "Enjoy the streets and energize the neighborhood and not just the insides of the bars."

Mettler represented bar and restaurant owners in the warehouse and arena district during a city council meeting Monday. The proposed district would be bordered by Erie Street, Lafayette Street, Summit, and Adams street.

"It's a pretty good sized area - it's a 20 to 24 square blocks of downtown," said Mettler. "There are a lot of establishments and three major venues between the Mud Hens and the Walleye and the Seagate Center that anchor the center of that area and it's the entertainment area around those."

City Council president Steve Steel says the proposed plans are excluding bars that should be included – that's up against the opinion of the chief of staff, who says Council should go with the bars who have been a part of the planning process.

"The more inclusive you can be, and I understand the slippery slope argument, however, I think it's more likely you walk out of the bar and you see a bar across the street, that you're very likely to assume that those bars are included," said Steve Steel, Council President.

City Council could vote on the issue as early as Thursday.

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