Residents tired of being in dark, after Toledo leaders clash over who will pay for street lights

Residents tired of being in dark, after Toledo leaders clash over who will pay for street lights
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Neighbors in west Toledo say they're tired of being in the dark. Newly passed legislation would have added some street lights to the Garden Estates neighborhood, but now city leaders and Councilman Tom Waniewski are butting heads.

Following reports of several break-ins, Waniewski pitched legislation add street lights in the neighborhood.

"My goal at the end of the day is to make sure that this neighborhood is lit up, that it mitigates the crime and that residents are happy and feel safe, which brings about the happiness," said Waniewski.

Members of Toledo City Council recently voted yes to the legislation, which approved the installation of two street lights and the city paying the cost of electricity yearly. Waniewski says that's where the problem with the Mayor's administration seems to be - who will pay to actually light the street, as it's usually up to the neighbors.

"It's gotten somewhat convoluted, so I have to go through a couple of folks to say okay, what are you saying? what is the law department saying?" said Waniewski. "I would just as soon take the resolution that was passed and scratch out the two lines that say 'and on-going electrical costs,' and pass that."

Waniewski says he's surprised he has to come back and re-explain legislation after it's already been passed.

"Are we reading the legislation or not?" asked Waniewski. "Get off your horses and pay attention to what we're doing here."

Until a new agreement is reached, it's lights out for neighbors like Jay Grzechowiak, who doesn't have a street lamp near his house.

"I want some lights to go on down here, I mean, it would be nice so when I come home I don't end up hitting somebody or someone's car just cause I can't see," said Grzechowiak.

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