BGSU terror expert worries about more terror attacks leading up to election

BGSU terror expert worries about more terror attacks leading up to election

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - A local terrorism expert doesn't think the latest attacks on U.S. soil came from a large group of people. But he believes they could continue over the next several weeks.

When bombs went off in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood over the weekend, almost three dozen people were injured. On Monday, a suspect was arrested.

Bowling Green State University political science professor and terrorism expert Marc Simon, Ph.D., said it points to a small group or a small cell, because pressure cooker bombs were used.

You can find the simple designs on the web and the supplies are easy to get.

"If it is a cell, it's not a very sophisticated one. And I hesitate to say that there aren't a dozen people involved but it might be more like one or two," Simon said.

He said he is most worried about lone wolf attackers that are very hard to track, like the knife attacks that happened at a shopping mall over the weekend.

"I think in a way the Minnesota one is more frightening because it just happened in Anytown, USA. St. Cloud, Minnesota is not a symbolic target by any means."

Simon is concerned that there could be more terror attacks here in the U.S. as election day gets closer. He said ISIS may be trying to sway the election in Donald Trump's favor.

"For ISIS, it's in their interest to see someone like Trump win because he would pursue policies that fit their narrative, that there's this big war on Islam and that's going to get them more recruits."

He commended the New York and New Jersey authorities for their quick work in the investigations and for making an arrest in NYC. He said despite the ongoing threat, we shouldn't change our lives or live in fear.

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