Race for the Cure: Where does the money go?

Race for the Cure: Where does the money go?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For more than 15 years, Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio has been working to eradicate breast cancer,  which continues to impact lives all across the state.

"When you're looking at Northwest Ohio each week, five women die from breast cancer each week. At least 22 cases are diagnosed each week, and eight cases are late stage", said Komen NW Ohio Mission Manager Aubrey Whewell.

The nonprofit's fight against breast cancer, is not cheap; Community resources for education and funding for life-saving screenings and treatment programs really add up.

This year alone, the group has given out more than $460,000 in grants.

"Since 2009, our grants we have been able to diagnose 165 people with breast cancer, and get them to the services they need", said Whewell.

Komen relies heavily on donations throughout the year to make an impact, which includes its biggest fundraiser, Race For the Cure in both Findlay and Toledo.

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Komen leaders say the donations are split two ways.

"25 percent is sent to our national organization based out of Dallas, Texas, and that money is put towards research", said Komen NW Ohio Board President Michele Murnen- Rice.

The other 75 percent of net proceeds are used for community health grants, which are given to local organizations across 24 counties in the northwest Ohio area, like The YWCA of Northwest Ohio in downtown Toledo.

"What we are trying to do is remove barriers with breast health", said Winda Burt, YWCA Community Outreach Manager.

The Breast Health Education and Early Detection Program at the YWCA recently received $36,000 in grant money from Komen.

Burt says that money goes a long way in helping those people who may be underserved and uninsured in our community, get the education and resources about breast cancer that they may need. Those resources include important screenings and mammograms.

She says this partnership with Komen has absolutely helped to save lives.

"Of course! I definitely think that if it were not for funding that we receive from Komen, as well as others, we would not to able to do the work we do, to get out and educate women on the importance of early detection", said Burt.

Michele Murnen- Rice, Komen northwest Ohio Board President, says this is proof that your donations are going to good use.

"Every donation counts. If you donate $30, you take my $30, your $30 and give other $30 – we've got a mammogram funded. It's a big deal", said Murnen- Rice.

It's a big deal that's making a big difference in the lives of many.

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