Former Toledo police officer, couple sentenced in December 2014 murder plot

Former Toledo police officer, couple sentenced in December 2014 murder plot
John and Maytee Clarke (Source: Toledo Police)
John and Maytee Clarke (Source: Toledo Police)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A former Toledo police officer and couple have been sentenced in a December 2014 murder plot.

According to court documents, in December, both John and Maytee Clarke followed Tiffany Williams, a known friend of their murdered son, through an alley before stopping their vehicle. John Clarke is accused of firing two shots at Williams, just missing her head, before fleeing the scene. Former Toledo Police Officer Lt. Frank Ramirez was also accused of firing a gun and covering up evidence.

John and Maytee Clarke admitted to the assault and pleaded guilty back in May as a part of a plea deal. John Clarke was sentenced to four years for felonious assault with gun specification and Maytee Clarke was sentenced to two years for a retaliation charge.

"We have people whose sons die all the time by violent acts, by car accidents by overdoses. and it doesn't lead to this kind of behavior this criminal conduct that you three perpetrated in our community," said Judge Gene Zmuda.

A jury found Ramirez guilty of tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice earlier this month. He was sentenced to four years in prison and six months at the Correction Center of Northwest Ohio for a misdemeanor of discharging a firearm on or near prohibited premises.

"This goes a long way to telling the citizens of Toledo that the overwhelming majority of police officers are good people but they are subject to our laws like everyone else," said Prosecutor Brian Deckert.

The Clarks have a 13-year-old son. During sentencing, the judge was going to allow Maytee to go home and make arrangements for the teenager. But while in custody she threatened to commit suicide while at home, so the judge decided to remove the stay, sending her straight to prison.

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