High school students teamed up to tackle bullying during Friday night football

High school students teamed up to tackle bullying during Friday night football
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

(WTOL) - Some schools in our area took a tough conversation and brought it to the center stage on Friday night - Bullying. It's something that's still a part of high school.

Schools in the Northern Lakes League showed their efforts to stop bullying during their high school football games. They showed unity by wearing the color powder blue.

"You know, it's a pretty big crowd, said Katie kirk, a senior Maumee Cheerleader. "So, that's like just spreading the word to a lot of people to a lot of students and a lot of parents."

"It's one of those things that people know it's happening but unless we recognize it and know it's actually a part of our schools you can't stop it," said Dan Black, Bowling Green High School Assistant Principal. "It's something you have to talk about it's something you have to recognize and you have to attack it."

"It's a life theme is what it is, and kids need to know of the importance of supporting each other and what bullying can do," said Matthew Dick Maumee Principal. "If you notice the cheerleaders, the football players and a lot of the kids are wearing light blue and light blue socks. It's just a reminder of how we treat each other."

The Internet has changed the way students experience high school. From researching a report, to interacting with students around the world but also how they interact with each other.

"You don't have to do it face to face any more you can do it behind a screen and unfortunately a lot of people do bully people," said Seth Daniels, Bowling Green High School Senior. "It's just widened how people bully people."

"If someone comes after you on social media you can ignore it or once again you can speak up about it," said Kirk. "If you see someone being bullied stick up for them. You don't just left it happen."

Even if bullying happens on social media, all students still have to show up on Monday and come face to face.

"I want everyone to feel comfortable in our school where they would not be scared as 8th graders," said Bowling Green High School Senior Kendal Glandorff. "So as a senior, I think it's important for us to try and stop it if we do see it in the hallway. So we can make everyone feel comfortable."

The WTOL Big Board Friday team was out covering other teams in the NLL on Friday. They say the football players were wearing the blue socks and students were wearing the light blue as well.

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