Organizations trying to "Raise the Bar" for employment in Hancock County

Organizations trying to "Raise the Bar" for employment in Hancock County

(WTOL) - A lack of workers has been a problem for some time in Findlay and Hancock Counties.

But now public, private, and non-profit organizations are coming together for the "Raise the Bar Coalition," a new effort to address the worker shortage in Hancock County.

Laurie Zydonik is the newly appointed Executive Director of Raise the Bar.

She says they are taking a two-pronged approach.

"The short term piece; which is filling all of those jobs that we currently have, and the long-term piece; which is working with our school systems and non-profit systems, and businesses to fill what they think they're going to need into the future," said Zydonik.

Right now Raise the Bar has more than 900 jobs available across the county.

Those include skilled and non-skilled jobs, everything from healthcare to truck driving to technical positions.

The idea is to bring several types of organizations together so that, whatever the issue, people can ultimately get hired.

One problem seen across the county is the ability for people to pass a drug test.

"Provide them some services that they can move forward instead of continuing to just go through the job process and not get a job," said Zydonik.

But preparing the workforce is not the only issue, they need more people too.

Zydonik says if they don't achieve the goal of a prepared and expanding workforce the area could lose out big.

"Our community cannot grow. Businesses that are here can't fill jobs that they already have and they may look elsewhere. And we can't recruit in more companies to make our area even more successful," said Zydonik.

Click here for more information on the Raise the Bar Coalition.

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