Buddy Benches are a new way to ensure kids never play alone

Buddy Benches are a new way to ensure kids never play alone

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Recess is supposed to be one of the best parts of a student's day, but some kids struggle to find friends to play with.

New benches at Kenwood Elementary will replace old ones, so during recess when kids don't have anyone to play with, they can sit there and signal to other students that they need a buddy.

"I see someone on the buddy bench, I go over to the buddy bench and ask to play and they tell you. A couple kids might notice you," said Aleksander Ostrowki.

Aleksander is a third grader. After struggling to find friends on the playground, he and his dad came up with the idea of bringing Buddy Benches to Bowling Green.

The major issue right now is funding. The project costs nearly $10,000.

A total of nine benches are expected to be placed throughout the elementary schools in Bowling Green.

The district plans to privately fund the entire project, with concrete donated by Mohr concrete, and school fundraisers.

Kathleen Daney, principal of Kenwood Elementary says this is a great way to teach students the importance of social interaction.

"The purpose behind it is that no child is without a buddy, so you can either sit there if you don't have anyone to play with and maybe somebody will come along and invite you to join them. Or you could be that child who sees someone sitting there and walks over and joins them as well," said Daney.

Once the benches are purchased, an assembly will be held at each school to teach students the rules.

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