Perrysburg Schools addressing latest dangerous fad; the choking game

Perrysburg Schools addressing latest dangerous fad; the choking game

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Parents with students at Perrysburg Schools got a warning this week to be on the lookout for kids experimenting with the "choking game" and the "pass out challenge."

When news about the choking game came out earlier this week, school districts had two choices: to sweep it under the rug or to get in front of the issue and begin a discussion.

Administrators at Perrysburg Junior High chose the second option.

Peer pressure can happen anywhere – in the halls of the school, on the playground and, more than ever, on social media.

"That is what's scary about a movement like this. Kids will do it just to fit in," said Brent Swartzmiller, Principal at Perrysburg Junior High School.

That's why Swartzmiller sent a letter to parents this week warning about the choking game and pass out challenge and is encouraging parents to get involved.

"They are not going to be open to us about this. They are not going to say, 'Hey mom and dad, I'm playing this new game.' It's going to be something they are doing on social media sharing with each other and it's that world they aren't talking about that we need to open up and have," said Swartzmiller.

Parents of the kids WTOL spoke with all felt the same about the school taking a more proactive role with this topic.

"I think it is a great thing that they have done. More awareness gets out in front of the problem and certainly makes parents aware of it so they can have a conversation with their children," said parent Mark Beard.

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