Local H.S. football team league teams up to tackle bullying

Local H.S. football team league teams up to tackle bullying
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

(WTOL) - Fall Friday nights mean football under the lights and schools decked out in their colors.

Teams in the Northern Lakes League will be adding a color to their uniforms this Friday, as they join forces to stop bullying.

One team bleeds black and yellow. The other, blue and red.

On Friday night, they'll both be wearing powder blue socks in an effort to stand up to bullying and bring awareness to the growing problem affecting many students in our area.

"It's an important statement to make because unfortunately this world is not perfect." said Springfield Junior Brett Keeler. "We do have people who bully one another. We want to bring awareness to that and try to be able to stop that in the future."

Students say it's important for the whole NLL to do something like this because it shows unity.

"I think it's important for the whole NLL to do it because it show unity," said Springfield Senior Ethan Leonar. "We're all together to stop the problem of bullying," said Ethan Leonar, a Senior at Springfield High School.

Teams weren't worried about the wardrobe change affecting any pre-game rituals.

"The point is the topic and the topic is anti-bullying and being aware of bullying and making sure we have responsible young people who stop bullying," said Perrysburg Head Coach Matt Kregel. "Whenever there is an opportunity to lead in something like this, especially with anti-bullying I think it's a great opportunity for kids to step forward and do that," said Springfield Head Coach Pat Gucciardo.

Both teams say they want to be leaders in anti-bullying efforts.

They have this message for their peers:

"There's no ashamed in being bullied," said Leonard. "Everybody has tough times. It's a cruel world. Not everybody understands your situation. Just seek help. Someone is there for you always."

With a sellout expected Friday night, the message of standing up to bullying will be heard loud and clear.

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