Construction problems in Perrysburg coming to an end

Construction problems in Perrysburg coming to an end

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The end is in sight for drivers dealing with construction problems in Perrysburg!

For months now, drivers trying to go north on I-75 from I-475 in Perrysburg have been taking detours, adding to their drive time and causing major headaches. But the end is near.

Starting Thursday, traffic patterns will look a little different around the I-75/I-475 split in Perrysburg. It all goes towards the widening project on I-75. There will still be lane restrictions at night, so expect things to be a little slow. But, ODOT leaders say, come Tuesday morning, it will all be worth it.

"You really need to pay attention and focus on the new changes that are in place because it's going to be a lot different and it's not going to be the same as what you were used to four months ago," said Theresa Pollick, the Public Information Officer for ODOT.

She says your GPS is probably not going to keep up with these changes, so you need to pay attention to signs.

One of the major changes you will see is if you want to get on State Route 25 from I-475 in Perrysburg, you must now make the decision earlier to get off on the exit.

"So if you want to stay on 475, you will be forced to stay on 475 through the barrier wall so it is very important that you make those decisions and follow the signs when you can," said Pollick.

She says all of the changes are weather permitting, and although the project is schedule to finish on time, if we see rain, things may be delayed, so pay attention for updates.

"The big news is of course when the ramps open in Perrysburg, from northbound I-75 to 475 and State Route 25, as well as the ramp from 475 to northbound 75. Those two ramps that we have had closed for four months are expected to be open at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning," said Pollick.

I-75 southbound will be back to normal this weekend. Pollick says it is important to be patient when you're out driving on these roads in the next few days.  After this weekend though, she says this will be a huge relief for Northwest Ohio drivers.

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