Ridgestone Builders donates $100,000 to Heroes in Action

Ridgestone Builders donates $100,000 to Heroes in Action

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - A local construction company made a big donation Wednesday to a local charity for veterans.

Ridgestone Builders, located out of Perrysburg, spent the past year planning and constructing a house entitled the Freedom Home. On Wednesday, they presented the proceeds of that home to Heroes in Action in the amount of a $100,000 check.

And after months of hard work, Tim Gruber of Ridgestone Builder says it was well worth it.

"Dawn, I think you'll be able use this, it's 100,000 dollars, and I think that's amazing," said Gruber.

It was truly an emotional moment as Gruber presented the check to Heroes in Action founder Dawn Heisler. He says he has wanted to give back to the veterans in our community for a while now, and once he found out about Heroes in Action, he knew the organization was perfect for the project.

Heroes in Action is a totally volunteer run charity supporting the needs of local veterans.

Heisler says Ridgestone's donation is $92,000 larger than any other previous donations they've received.

"From branching out, from just care packages now, we do a lot of things. So, we get a lot of referrals in for rent, food, clothing, whatever the need is. This amount just helps us to be able to never say no," said Heisler.

She says she hopes the donation will be able to help fill the request from the veterans she currently serves through the charity.

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