Race for the Cure: Why registration is so important

Race for the Cure: Why registration is so important

(WTOL) - The Race for the Cure is less than two weeks away, but don't worry, there's still time to sign up!

"I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 13 years ago," said Amy Thorpe-Wiley, vice president of the Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio board.

She was just 34 at the time of that diagnosis.

"And I was actually a recipient of some of the Komen monies, which kept me alive because they helped to fund one of my treatments," said Amy.

A treatment that her insurance didn't cover.

But Amy is not alone. Last year, the Northwest Ohio affiliate of Susan G. Komen put $750,000 raised at the Race for the Cure back into our community to fund outreach, education, and grants, like the one that helped pay for Amy's treatment.

$750,000 is an incredible number, but did you know it's estimated 6,000 to 10,000 people who come to the Toledo Race for the Cure don't register?

"We're getting close to almost half, which is really discouraging. I think people are doing it really innocently, where they just get caught up and all the sudden it's race day Sunday and they throw on their last year's t shirt and they just come down," said Amy. "And we don't want to discourage people from coming down at all, but it's so important that people register.'

If everyone who participates registers, Komen estimates it would raise an additional $250,000.

"We were not able to fund as much as we wanted to this year. We had to turn down some of our grant recipients because we had reduced number of race registrants last year. And we figured that totaled about $200,000 of funding that we weren't able to give grant requests to this year," said Amy.

And here's another alarming number for you - Ohio is in the top four states for breast cancer incidence.

"Each week, 5 women and men in our service area dies of breast cancer, 22 new men and women are diagnosed each week in our service area, which is startling," said Amy.

So there is clearly a need for the funding.

"Thirty dollars is such a small amount to be able to fund so many women," said Amy.

Komen also says only 9 percent of participants in the race donate anything beyond the $30 registration fee.

If everyone who registers would donate an additional $20, Komen would raise another $200,000.

The goal this year is to be able to fund all those local grant requests and save even more lives.

To register for this year's Race for the Cure, click here.

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