Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence talks auto industry bailout

WTOL interviews Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence

(WTOL) - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's running mate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence spoke at a rally just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, but spoke with WTOL exclusively before taking the stage.

WTOL 11 Anchor Jerry Anderson asked the Governor if he did or did not support the auto industry bailout.

"In the congress of the U.S., I thought there was a better approach than the approach congress took with the auto bailout," said Pence. "I was part of a cadre that thought it would have been possible to do in that industry what we've done in other industries, which is to go through a reorganization bankruptcy."

The Governor went on to say if elected, Donald Trump would work to lower business taxes, and lowering regulations to help support manufacturing jobs across America.

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