Local schools taking a closer look at dangerous 'choking game' challenge

Local schools taking a closer look at dangerous 'choking game' challenge
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - The choking game challenge is pressuring kids to try something that could turn deadly.

WTOL 11's Michelle Zepeda checked in with Bill Geha, counselor for students at Sylvania and Springfield schools. Geha has also been nationally recognized for his organization, the PEACE project, which allows peer on peer counseling.

He says he wants to put the choking game on notice and get the conversation going about the consequences.

Geha spoke to kids this week in Sylvania just to see if it's happening in his school district.

At this point he doesn't believe it has, but says regardless he wants parents and teachers to always be vigilant.

"The parents have to know, they definitely have to know who their kids friends are. They have to know what is in their rooms and they have to know what they are watching. The parents have to know that and they can't be afraid to say you're not going to do that or you're not going to have your phone.  So I am putting the responsibility on parents first and the schools need to support parents," said Geha.

A definite plan to tackle the issue isn't in place yet at Sylvania Schools, but Geha says it's in the works.

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