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Failure to file proposed levy may leave Olander Park System on their own financially

(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)

Residents in Sylvania are typically more than happy to contribute to their local park system, so it's a problem when the levy to support that system, doesn't make it on the ballot. 

Back in March, the board for the Olander Park System began drawing up plans for the annual levy to be voted on in November. It would be estimated to create just over $1 million in revenue for the parks. 

"I've always been more then happy to vote for their levy's. I'm sure I've never voted against a levy from Olander Park System," said Ken Roof, a Sylvania resident. 

That levy was to be filed with the board of elections by August 10, 2016, but that never happened and the board was not notified. 

By the time the mistake was realized, it was too late to put the proposed levy on the ballot. 

"Kind of disappointing that they'd get into the position of just letting a levy totally expire," said Roof. 

On December 31, 2016, when the current levy expires, the park system will be essentially on their own financially, which is a significant challenge. 

"The parks districts have been here for a while and people depend on it. the have nature programs that go on in the fall," said Roof. 

There are no specifics yet on where the mistake will be most felt. The parks board will meet Monday to discuss where to go from here.

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