Fostoria makes handicap accessibility upgrades to municipal building

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - The city of Fostoria is using gr ant money to improve their aging administration building.

Fostoria has been making incremental improvements to their municipal building to make sure it is accessible and inclusive for all of their citizens. Just under $90,000 is currently being used to upgrade the municipal building's public restrooms.

The doorways have been widened and a handicap stall will be implemented. The funding comes from the county community development block gr ant.

Previously, the city installed a ramp at the police department entrance, and electronic door openers.

Mayor Keckler says the ongoing project is necessary to update the near 50-year-old building to modern standards.

"We have a lot of business going on in here with our water department, police department, and then the council meetings are here. So we've had some complaints in the past that people would have trouble coming to the public meetings and coming in to pay there bills and do these kinds of things," said Keckler. "So, we've concentrated over the last several years with our community development block gr ant money to make us a lot more handicap friendly and handicap accessible."

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