Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson takes his campaign to Detroit

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson takes his campaign to Detroit

DETROIT, MI (WTOL) - The man who hopes to upset Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump says he is now on the ballot in all 50 states. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson brought his campaign to the Motor City on Wednesday afternoon.

The former Republican two-term Governor received a warm welcome from the Detroit Economic Club when he was introduced. He fielded questions from a moderator on important issues in the race.

Johnson said he didn't create a single job in New Mexico because he doesn't believe government does that. He credited the private sector.

He also doesn't support the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, saying, "So we should make it as easy as possible for anybody that wants to come into this country to work, to be able to get a work visa, and a work visa should entail a background check."

Gov. Johnson also favors the legalization of marijuana, but said that should be up to the states. He thinks the U.S. should get our military out of Afghanistan tomorrow and supports free trade.

He also said he would not have backed the auto bailout. WTOL 11's Tim Miller asked him if that would cost him votes in Toledo and Michigan.

"We would still be making the Jeep in this country. Jeep would still be producing the Jeep. I just think that there was a mechanism in place, bankruptcy," said Gov. Johnson.

Johnson doesn't think he can win if he doesn't get on the debate platform with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He's at nine to 10 percent in the polls and must get to 15 percent consistently to make it.

"I really want to spoil it for both of them by getting elected," Johnson said. "And I think as this goes forward, I think we have a chance to win."

Gov. Johnson saved his most animated comments for a question about Trump's critical comments of Hispanics. He called it, "Incendiary. Absolutely incendiary. It is racist. It is off the charts and it's wrong. Just wrong."

Johnson also said there was no excuse that he didn't know what Aleppo was, when asked about that city in the heart of the violence in Syria. He said he shouldn't have "spaced out" on that question.

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