One-on-one with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine

One-on-one with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine

DAYTON, OH (WTOL) - While Hillary Clinton is on the sidelines with pneumonia, her running mate is front and center. Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine spoke exclusively to WTOL 11 right after his rally in Dayton, Ohio on Monday.

At the rally, Senator Kaine tried to keep the crowd focused on the issues. But he's facing questions about his running mate's health. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton stumbled as she left a 9/11 event early after feeling overheated.

WTOL's Tim Miller asked Kaine, "How is she doing and how concerned are you?"

"I'm not concerned because she is very, very high energy and high stamina," said Kaine. "I've kind of marveled…But I have no questions about her health, her stamina, her energy."

Sen. Kaine said Clinton has already released more information about her health than Donald Trump, and Kaine said he and Clinton plan to release more about their health this week.

Some believe Clinton's Sunday stumble and pneumonia diagnosis would prompt the Trump campaign to say she has health issues. But Kaine doesn't think it will impact their campaign.

"I don't think it affects it, because when I'm talking to people, they want to know what are you going to do to grow the economy, so it works for everybody," he said.

Recently, Clinton commented that half of Donald Trump's supporters could be placed in a so-called "basket of deplorables" and followed that up by saying they were racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, among other descriptions.

Sen. Kaine said Clinton was getting at an important point about Trump's own behavior.

"You've got to call out and even condemn comments that are bigoted or divisive, because they're beneath what we should be as a nation," said Kaine.

At the rally, Sen. Kaine said to the crowd, "Do I need to tell you (that) you guys are kind of important? I mean, like real important?"

The crowd cheered.

The VP nominee said he understands Ohio's crucial role and pointed to his ticket's plan to create manufacturing jobs and increase the minimum wage.

"Hillary came out of a small business family, and so did I. And we know that's where the new jobs start, in small businesses and startups," said Kaine. "I think that's going to be key to winning here in Ohio."

Senator Kaine also told us he knows the Toledo Mud Hens well. He watched them play the Richmond Braves when he was Governor of Virginia.

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