BBB: Don't fall for the jury duty scam

BBB: Don't fall for the jury duty scam

(WTOL) - If you're summoned to jury duty and you don't show up, you could get a threatening phone call demanding cash! But don't fall for it, it's just the latest consumer scam going around.

"You didn't show up for jury duty!" says the official sounding guy on the phone.

It seems legitimate. Your caller ID says "U.S. Marshall" or "Prosecutor" and it's very scary.

He says because you didn't show up, a warrant is being issued for your arrest – unless you pay a fine.

Of course it's a lie! The U.S. Marshall's Service says they do not call or email prospective jurors.

They never serve an arrest warrant by phone. Real, valid arrest warrants are only served in person.

They never demand payment to avoid arrest and never accept payment by iCards or prepaid cards from the store.

If you receive a call from the U.S. Marshall's Service that you didn't show up for jury duty, report it to them immediately!

To report a scam, contact the Better Businesses Bureau at (419) 531-3116.

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