Chelsea Clinton talks tuition and how she handles nasty campaign during UT visit

Chelsea Clinton talks tuition and how she handles nasty campaign during UT visit

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A day after Donald Trump made a stop in the Glass City, Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, campaigned at the University of Toledo. Chelsea said she is deeply biased in this race and won't pretend to be anything else.

Introduced by a 12 year-old boy whose mom is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, Chelsea Clinton arrived to cheers at the University of Toledo Rec Center.

She told the crowd that this wasn't her first campaign stop for her mom.

"The last time I was here was for my mom's campaign in 2008. I actually celebrated my birthday here at the University of Toledo."

In a one-one-one interview, WTOL 11's Tim Miller asked her about a new Fox News poll showing Donald Trump up in Ohio by five percent.

Clinton responded saying, "We always thought it was going to be a close race. When we look at our recent presidential elections, they have been close. So we've always known we were going to have to work hard for every vote here in Ohio and across the country."

At UT, Chelsea Clinton spoke about her mother's plan to make college more affordable. Students in a household making $125,000 or less per year would be able to attend a public college or university tuition free. Ohers would be put on a course to be debt free by graduation.

"That no one should ever have to pay more than 10 percent of their income back in loan repayment. That's really important to my mom," said Clinton.

Eva Scott, a UT sophomore and political science major who also volunteers for the Clinton campaign says Chelsea's appearance meant a lot.

"Coming to a school that may not be a huge school but we're still here making a difference. So I think it's just really awesome," said Scott.

It was clear when looking at the crowd shaking her hand and taking selfies with her, that Chelsea Clinton has the star power that students and professionals were looking for.

She also said her mother will support the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a federally-funded program that seeks to reduce the toxic algae bloom threat.

"It's hugely important, I mean clean water and clean air, they shouldn't be election issues. I mean this should just be a guaranteed right in our country," said Clinton.

Chelsea also talked about how nasty the campaign has been and how she deals with things that are said about her mother and father.

"The person that is often being talked about by the other side bears no resemblance to the parents that I love and respect and admire so much. So when I listen to things that are being said about my mom, that just don't have any bearing to my lived reality, it's quite easy to brush them off," said Clinton.

She also added she can't remember a time in her life when her parents were not being attacked for something.

Chelsea told the UT audience that she still has a Toledo Mud Hens sweatshirt that her father gave her in 1992 after campaigning in Toledo. She said it is still comfortable but was too hot to wear on this visit.

Outside of the Rec Center at the UT event, Trump supporters showed up in protest. The group said it wasn't part of the local Republican party or any other organized group, but that they just wanted to make the point that today wasn't only about Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

They said they were there in peaceful protest.

"Kind of poor on behalf of the Clinton campaign. We were expecting that and we just shrugged it off, you know, we're not here to start trouble. Same as them. They're here to support their campaign. We're here to support Donald's," said Clint Grantham.

There was also a group of protesters outside Donald Trump's rally on Wednesday at the Stranahan Theater.

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