University of Toledo president gets raise, $90,000 bonus

University of Toledo president gets raise, $90,000 bonus

TOLEDO, OH (AP) - Trustees at the University of Toledo have approved a 2 percent raise and a 20 percent bonus for the school's president after her first year on the job.

The university's board of trustees voted in favor of the $90,000 bonus and pay increase for Sharon Gaber on Monday. The board noted her work to boost enrollment and fundraising, combine colleges and reach out to the community.

Gaber will defer the raise, worth an additional $9,000 year, until January, just as other UT senior administrators have agreed to do.

The school has been tightening its finances after years of declining enrollment. Its current budget includes a 3 percent across-the-board cut and a plan to take $5 million out of reserves to balance its budget.

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