Actor Tim Daly visits Democratic campaign offices in Findlay and Toledo

FULL INTERVIEW: Tim Daly makes Clinton campaign stop in Findlay

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The democratic campaign offices in Northwest Ohio received a special celebrity visit Monday to help reinvigorate volunteers.

Actor Tim Daly made a trip through the Ohio area to help drum up support for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Daly greeted volunteers in Findlay and expressed his gratitude for their work.

Daly says he is taking an active role in campaigning for his candidate of choice, because he feels Hillary Clinton is the only major candidate who exudes presidential qualities.

"You have to have empathy and compassion and a vision for someone other than yourself," said Daly. "Hillary has devoted her life to public service, and Mr. Trump has devoted his life to self service."

He spent the rest of his visit manning the phone bank, urging people register to vote and partake in the democratic process.

Daly says Clinton is the better candidate for Ohio and all of the Midwest because she shares similar values.

"This is someone who is really engaged in a life among people. Mr. Trump grew up in luxury and has always experienced a life of luxury in New York City," said Daly.

Daly also visited offices in Lima and Toledo.

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