Elderly popsicle vendor sparks huge fundraising campaign

Elderly popsicle vendor sparks huge fundraising campaign

CHICAGO, IL (WTOL) - The heartwarming story of an elderly popsicle vendor has inspired a huge fundraising campaign.

According to WLS out of Chicago, Fidencio Sanchez, 89, has been selling paletas (or popsicles) out of his cart for around 23 years.

Getting up there in age, he was thinking of putting the cart to rest. But after the death of his daughter, Sanchez and his wife were left caring for their two grandchildren. He then decided it wasn't time to call it quits just yet.

Then, on Friday, one of his customers shared a photo of Sanchez on his Facebook page, admiring him for all his hard work.

That post got a lot of attention and gave Macias the idea to start a GoFundMe page in Sanchez's name.

And boy has it taken off, raising over $150,000 in just two days. Far exceeding it's $3,000 goal.

Still, Sanchez says he's far from ready to quit.

Now, his story is getting national attention.

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