Teacher relocation has TPS parents concerned

Teacher relocation has TPS parents concerned

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A group of parents of students at Raymer Elementary School have concerns, as some teachers there have been relocated to different schools in Toledo.

TPS officials met with concerned parents on Friday to answer any questions they may have.

"There are 22,000 kids in Toledo Public Schools, so we have to take our available resources and allocate them to ensure that we're providing an equitable education for all," said Jim Gault of TPS.

Jim Gault met with the parents at Navarre Park.

He explained why sometimes these moves are necessary even after the school year has started.

"We do our best estimate in terms of where children are going to be in March and April for the coming year. We have a large percentage of our kids that will move from school to school, so we have to adjust to ensure that we're maintaining a nice class size and student to teacher ratio," said Gault.

According to Mr. Gault, the TPS budget can afford to staff classes at about a 29-1 student teacher ratio. If class size goes below that, and another school is in need, some relocating can occur.

That's what has parents concerned.

"As they take children out of one teacher's classroom to move that teacher around and put them in another class, it's going to affect their learning," said parent David Shull.

These moves are made in order to keep a balance in the system. While one school may object, another may benefit.

"We have some that are happy, because teachers are coming and some that are upset because teachers are being reduced. We'll work through it, we'll continue to work together to ensure that the kids in Toledo get a great education," said Gault.

The teachers being relocated from Raymer will still be employed at their same pay and benefits, just at a different school.

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