TFD recruits sworn in, could be last class for a while

TFD recruits sworn in, could be last class for a while

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a big moment for any fire fighter, the moment they're sworn in.

On Friday, 40 recruits had their moment.

However, this could be the last class of recruits for the foreseeable future to be added to the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department.

The city of Toledo has said that if the 3/4 percent income tax renewal is not approved this November, hundreds of police and fire fighters will have to be laid off.

And that also means no more fire classes.

"We have people retiring and we need to replenish our workforce, and we're doing that. It's not that we're taking the 3/4 percent for granted, we're very thankful that we get that. But, I think the public is expecting us to carry on with business that needs to be done. So that is what we're doing," said Toledo Fire Chief Louis Santiago.

The 40 new recruits will begin 13 weeks of fire training, followed by nine weeks of EMT training.

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